How to: Anmeldung in Stuttgart in English

As a newcomer, the Anmeldung process can be a lot to handle, which is why we’ve put together this English Anmeldung guide for Stuttgart to show you exactly how to complete it, step by step. 

Anmeldung in Stuttgart english

What is the Anmeldung?

The Anmeldung is a word you will quickly become familiar with once you step foot on German soil. It is one of the most important administrative processes for anyone moving to and living in Germany. It involves registering your current address with the local authority by taking a trip down to your nearest Bürgerbüro or citizen’s office with a stack of paperwork in hand. As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to get your Anmeldung date within the first two weeks of arriving in Stuttgart, even if the actual appointment isn’t for a few weeks. If you wait longer, there’s a chance you might receive a fine from the government (although this rule isn’t so strictly enforced).

Once you finish your Anmeldung, you will be handed a Meldebescheinigung, or residence registration certificate. It can’t be stressed enough how important this document is, so you’ll want to keep it safe and make a few extra copies. You’ll need your Meldebescheinigung for any number of German bureaucratic tasks, such as opening a bank account, setting up health insurance, getting a phone number, enrolling in university, and more.

Which documents for my Anmeldung in Stuttgart?

When it comes to German bureaucracy there are two constants – in-person visits and a long list of required documents. The same is true for the Anmeldung. In order to do your Anmeldung in Stuttgart, you need to bring the following with you:

  • Registration form or Meldeschein – Filled out and signed. This form contains all of your personal details, address details, document details, etc. You can find this form here, or you can use Appmeldung to completely fill in the Stuttgart Anmeldung form in English. Click to register one person, or here to register two.
  • Confirmation form from landlord or lady, or Wohnungsgeberbestätigung.
    The Wohnungsgeberbestätigung is a statement from your landlord confirming that you live at your current address. In the case of sublet or flatshare, the main tenant can also fill this in. You can find this form online here, an English version of the form here, and an English guide here.
  • Your ID, passport, or any other official photo identification. If you’re registering your family you will have to bring their identification documents too.
  • Registering your address in Stuttgart is free of charge, so don’t worry about bringing any cash.

The following people might be asked for additional documents:

  • Married or partnered couples will be asked for their original marriage certificate (civil status certificate).
  • Divorcees will be asked for their original divorce decree.
  • Widowed persons will be asked to produce their original spouse’s death certificate.
  • Holders of an electronic residence permit (eAT) will need to show their residence permit.
  • People who are in Germany on a visa must bring their residence permit.
  • People in care must bring a supervisor’s identity card.

Booking an Anmeldung appointment in Stuttgart

While the city of Stuttgart does allow you to register online (very uncommon in Germany), only people with an electronic Ausweis (identification) are able to do so. This basically means only German citizens, so we recommend skipping this part altogether.

To arrange an appointment over the phone or via email, however, follow these steps:

  • First, find the Bürgerbüro closest to you by using this guide.
  • You can find a full list of Stuttgart Bürgerbüros and their contact details here.
  • Once you’ve found one in your vicinity, give them a call or drop them an email to arrange an appointment.

After completing the booking, you will receive an appointment number via email. Bring this number, along with all of the necessary documents with you to the Bürgerbüro.

Just like in the rest of Germany, there is a huge demand for Anmeldung appointments in Stuttgart. This means you might not get an appointment for at least a few weeks, which is a problem if you have something that you need to urgently sort out at the Bürgerbüro.

If you find yourself in this situation, try calling a few of your nearest Bürgerbüros at 8 am and see if any new appointments are available. Many people cancel appointments last minute and you can often find open appointment slots first thing in the morning.

Attending the appointment

Arrive at the customer service center on time with all the necessary documents. A few things to keep in mind:

  • During the Anmeldung process, you’ll be asked about your religion. Even if you are religious, it’s a good idea to say that you’re not affiliated with any church, as the faithful have to pay a church tax of between 8% and 9% of their income. Appmeldung automatically opts you out of this.
  • If you moved to Stuttgart to work, it’s a good idea to mention it during the appointment so that the city worker can request a Steueridentifikationsnummer, or German tax ID for you.
  • If you can’t speak German and feel uncomfortable, feel free to bring a friend to help you translate. City workers are obliged to do the Anmeldung process in German even if they can speak English. It’s simply for liability purposes in case something gets mistranslated.

Anmeldung in Stuttgart in English – FAQ

Do I have to attend my Anmeldung appointment in person?

Yes. To register your new address, you have to attend a physical appointment at a Bürgerbüro. Unless you’re a German citizen with an electronic identification, you can’t do your Anmeldung for Stuttgart online.

What happens if I don’t do the Anmeldung?

You won’t be able to open up a German bank account, get a mobile phone contract, get your Tax ID, and more. At some point, you will have to register your address, and when that happens there’s a slight chance you will get fined for having not registered previously.

Can I register as a subtenant?

Yes. If you’re renting a room or simply living in a sublet, you will need confirmation from your landlord/lady to show that they are aware of the sublet. This form is called the Wohnungsgeberbestätigung.

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Who is this forNewcomers in Stuttgart that still struggle with German.
What can Appmeldung do for youFill in your Anmeldung form for free in English online.

Hope this small guide was useful to you. Feel free to reach out for more info.

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