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Free to use

No one should have to pay for the single most important administrative step of your life in Germany.

Pay less taxes

Ticking the wrong box can lead to a higher income tax rate. Appmeldung makes sure you avoid that.

Save time

We get it; there are so many things to take care of when moving to Germany. Filling-up forms in a foreign language is something that we all want to avoid. 

Secure and simple

Your data is processed on servers located in Frankfurt. Your information is deleted after you used the app.

By the person behind the blog Settle in Berlin

Since 2011, SiB is one of the preferred source of information for newcomers in Germany. It has been quoted by the Berliner Zeitung, and as a go-to resource. It is also regularly recommended on forums, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

You can read a full guide on how to do your Anmeldung here.

-1- Take the easy questionnaire

We get it. No one likes to fill-in forms. This is why Gilbert the Anmeldung bear is taking it very casual. Have a friendly conversation instead of an interrogation. Everything is done through a clear, step-by-step interface.

-2- We make a great looking PDF

We make a very clean PDF from the information we get from you. Everything is in its right place, perfectly readable and formatted for the Bürgeramt workers.

-3- Download it right away

Once your very own completed form has been generated, you can download it right away. You just need to print and sign it. Good to go for your appointment at the Bürgeramt. 🙂


Have your form ready in only a few minutes and download it right away.
Pick your city and number of people to register.

Works best on desktop devices.
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What they said

  • It seems like a small thing but the Anmeldung can be a huge hurdle when moving to Germany. Appmeldung spares you the stress of not knowing exactly what to do and the time it takes to fill-it in. It saves time for the German administration too!

    Bastien Allibert
    Editor, Product Manager
  • The Anmeldung process was one of the most worrying things about moving to Berlin for me – Appmeldung took some of that worry away and made my application process a lot smoother! Couldn’t have done it without it.

    Dionne Kennedy
    Social Media Manager from Glasgow
  • I always recommend Appmeldung to people who aren’t too sure about how to proceed. It makes sure you get it right, every time and with very little effort.

    Jean Boudin
    Freelancer from France


Still have questions? Get the answers.

What is Appmeldung about? How does it work?

Appmeldung is the easiest way to fill-in the form you need to register residence at the Bürgeramt. A smart questionnaire allows you to place the right information in the right fields. This saves you time and avoid mistakes. You just need to download your form at the end.

Is it really free?

Yes, Appmeldung is completely free to use. It is supported by donations and by affiliate commissions if you decide to sign-up for one of the partners presented at the end of the process.

What happens with my data? Is it safe?

Your data is temporarily saved onto Germany-located servers to process it (= making a completed form out of the information you entered.). Once your completed form has been sent, your data will be permanently deleted from the servers. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used with a 256-bit key to encrypt data at rest including the backups of the information. It is also naturally GPDR compliant. You can read more about data privacy in our data privacy page.

Does it work for all cities in Germany?

Yes. It uses a universal template that works for all & it accommodates city-specific forms for major cities.

Who is behind Appmeldung?

This little service was drafted by Bastien Allibert, the editor behind the blog Seeing that many people were struggling with that seemingly simple topic, he decided that there was maybe a better way to start life in Germany.

Can i register with my spouse/partner?

Yes, but Appmeldung only supports the case where your partner/spouse moves in with you at the same address in Germany.

What about the various data protection decisions i can take (for Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt)?

Appmeldung automatically opts you out of any data-sharing scheme so your data is not communicated to third-parties such as parties, religious organizations and so on.

Are there any limitations to Appmeldung?

Yes, but it probably doesn’t concern you. It only allows the registration of your main place of residence. i.e: You can’t specify you have other addresses in Germany. This is fine for 99% of people moving to Germany as they only have one address usually. Also, since this service is free, it runs on limited server capacity. Please note that you might have to fill in your birthname/former name in manually, in case you register under a new last name.

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